Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the things we do for our kids

Last this morning, Morgan woke up around 5, slightly whining.  I knew watching The Mummy last night was a bad idea while she was trying to fall asleep on the couch; she kept covering her eyes saying 'oh no!'  I dragged myself out of my warm bed to go pat her on the back and tell her it's sleepytime.  She just stared at me and stretched, and I worried she was awake for the day (after 6 hours of sleep...what a fun day it would be).  Then she asked for 'seee-pee' which mean 'sippy' - her morning drink of Gerber or Pediasure 'sippers' (I highly recommend these!).  But they are expensive, so we limit them to mornings only.  At bedtime, and whenever she wakes up during the night asked for sippy, we fill a sippy cup with half milk and half vanilla almond milk.  Fools her enough to drink it. 

So I stumble into the kitchen, one eye open, no glasses on, and pour the 'fake sippy' cocktail and take it back to her room.  While she slurps away, I make myself a little nest on her hardwood floor.

I'm 4 months pregnant, stretched out on a rug on a hardwood floor.  That's when it hit me; the things we do for our kids. 

Next thing I know, there's a chubby little foot coming over the side of the crib daybed.  Morgan wants to snuggle next to me. 

Some of you might be wondering...where is Michael?  My poor husband has to get up at 5:45 to work 7-7 day shifts this week.  His crazy work schedule means I'm on 'baby duty' pretty much nonstop, because I don't have a job (or, I don't have a PAYING job that is).  I heard Michael get up and get dressed and was surprised that 45 minutes had already gone by.  He came into Morgan's room and saw us on the floor and shook his head.  Morgan saw him and said 'yippee!', grabbed her blankie and ran for our bedroom.  That little stinker was just waiting for an invitation to our bed.  I followed her, and noticed it was 5:20!  Michael got up 1/2 hour early because he couldn't go back to sleep listening to me trying to get Morgan back to sleep, and knowing that I wasn't bringing her to our bed for his sake (so he could sleep). 

once again...the things we do for our kids.

You end up doing things that you never ever would have thought you'd have the patience or the stomach for...

-using your hand to wipe that snot that is dangling from their nose (then you wipe it on your pants), or better yet, picking that booger before your kid decides to make a snack out of it.

-staying up all night holding a 'barf bowl' under your kid's face, and then cleaning up every time there is a 'miss.'  one night Morgan threw up about 12 times.  she started in her bed and hit every room on the way to the living room.  Michael had to be at work at 7am and he was up all night doing vomit laundry (woo hoo for the 'sanitize' setting on our new front load washer!) and cleaning up vomit messes (he was in a fraternity...he can handle it) while I kept giving Morgan one bath after another (and sometimes I had to join her in the bath, washing off whatever hit me).  I have to admit, my husband is amazing when the kid is sick.  He might not be the most helpful guy on a 'normal' day (he suddenly becomes deaf if I ask him to please do bath time because I need a break) but he is superdad when Morgan is sick.

-getting up all hours of the night.  I LOVE SLEEP!!  I hate having to get up.  But once you're a parent (especially for mommies) you become the lightest sleeper and you can hear everything.  If Morgan just coughs, I wake up and turn into my X-men character with super sensitive hearing, reading to jump out of bed and sprint across the hall if needed.  Morgan wakes up during the night way more than she should.  But I have always gotten up with her to reassure her that somebody will be there when she needs them.  I don't understand the whole 'let them cry it out' scenario because babies don't understand what you're doing; all they know is that they have been abandoned.  At least holler at them from your bed...'honey it's okay, mommy is here, she's just too sleepy to get up and come comfort you...go back to sleep...'

and right now, I have the cutest little almost-3-year-old face peering up at me saying 'pwease mommy, mouse computer game?  pweeeeasssse??'  so I will end this post and go play with my kid.

....the things we do for our kids...

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