Friday, November 2, 2012

Campaign what?

So apparently from the amount of campaign mail taking up space in my mailbox and the increase of hateful status updates on Facebook, elections are around the corner.  Confirmation of this is the fact that I had 2 political visits at home today, one from the Romneymobile and the other idea but they gave me a packet of info that Morgan has half eaten by now because she chews on paper like gum.

Like my week hasn't been crazy enough, what with having to take Morgan to gymnastics twice (making up a class we missed a couple of weeks ago), dragging Morgan out of bed early for her school Halloween party (she usually goes to school at noon, not 8:45, and yes I had to drag her out of bed at 8...she likes to sleep in), then doing trick or treat evening with both the cold rain.  Morgan was Little Red Riding Hood and Jack was the Big Bad Skunk and only screamed for 20 minutes with his costume on until he passed out in a heap of fake fur on the couch.  Luckily one of our neighborhood moms took pity on Morgan and took her up and down our street with her daughter, since I was stuck at home with Jack (no way I was taking him outside to breathe in that cold damp air) then Morgan came back and helped pass out candy.  She was a candy bar Nazi...'hey you only get one!' She inherited some frugal traits from her father.  But one of her first words was 'Visa' so I still think she's on my side.

Well we survived all of that...and I was sooo looking forward to having a day of rest.  Michael is working today and I'm going on about 4 hours of sleep because Jack has been sleeping terrible this week.  Apparently he can't breathe around all those boogers and sounds like an asthmatic Pug through the baby monitor, so I've been up a lot with him this week at night.

The doorbell rang earlier today.  I HATE when the doorbell rings.  I have anxiety about who is on the other side.  If I'm not expecting a pizza or a million dollar check, chances are I won't be answering that door.  I've had a couple of creepy experiences, like the time some random dude was on my porch with a bottle of Tide wanting to come in my house to show me some carpet cleaning vacuum thing and was very if a pushy guy with no name tag or business shirt holding a bottle of Tide on my porch wasn't creepy enough, a white van with tinted windows with a faceless driver staring me down was waiting at the end of my sidewalk.  I basically had to slam the door in his face.  Then I called Michael.  Then I called my mom.  Then I loaded Morgan in the car to go shopping until Michael got off work. 

So today the doorbell rang and before I could blink, Morgan was unlocking it to answer.  It was just a harmless looking lady with earmuffs so I opened the storm door to see what she wanted.  She was passing out info on Romney and whoever else.  She took pity on me standing there with blue leggings, a homemade tie dyed shirt, a sloppy half ponytail / half bun on the side of my head with a half naked baby (diaper and socks) slobbering all over my shoulder and a toddler with bed hair and underwear picking her nose standing next to me.  So she gave me the packet and told me to have a nice day.

About an hour later the doorbell rang again.  Once again Morgan was opening the door before I could say anything.  This time it was a college aged looking girl.  She blah blah blahed who she was affiliated with as I was trying to pull half naked Morgan back in the house and she wanted to ask me a couple of survey questions that she said wouldn't take any time at all so I was like whatever go ahead.  She asked me the first question which was something along the lines of 'who will you be voting for president' and as she's asking me, one of our cats darts out the door, which makes Morgan scream and try to run out after him, which makes Jack cry because Morgan screamed.  So as I'm trying to shove half naked Morgan back into the house, grab the cat by his tail with my free hand that isn't holding a snotty screaming baby, I answered something like 'not Bush!' which doesn't even make any sense because Bush isn't even running, and I voted for him in 2004, the first and last time I actually voted.  So the girl said 'um, okay...who are you voting for Senate?' to which I replied 'I don't even know who's running, I will just go in and vote straight party ticket.' and then the stupid cat tried to escape AGAIN so I don't even remember what the last question was but I answered 'I was raised Republican so that's how I will be voting' as I'm carrying in a wiggly screeching cat that is all poofed out like a cartoon cat and Morgan is screaming 'Mean Kitty you're SO BAD!' and Jack sneezes across my glasses.

She left.