Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monster Munch nom nom nom

So Morgan is in KG this year which brings lots of exciting new things, like snack time!  There are 27 kids in her class (poor teacher) and they rotate who gets to bring in snack each day. Morgan got to take a snack first day of school so we got on Pinterest and she selected some complicated snack where you build a robot using a juice box and applesauce and a few other things. We drew and taped and stacked the robots in a box and they basically all fell apart by the next day and Morgan didn't even get to enjoy the snack because she sprained her ankle and I had to pick her up early. Sigh. 

Well this past week it was Morgan's snack day again and since it's close to Halloween, we researched some themed snacks that mommy could master and settled on a modified version of 'monster munch' that kept popping up on Pinterest. 

My version of Monster Munch:

2 bags of pretzels (twisty or straight or both)
1 box honey nut Cheerios type cereal
1 box honey Chex cereal 
1 box Cheezits
1 can mixed nuts or peanuts (obviously check for allergies or you'll be crucified)
2 bags mini marshmallows
2 bags candy corn
1 bag candy pumpkins

In a big bowl mix it all together. Done. 

You could also add raisins, craisins, chocolate chips, whatever you think might make a good munch. 

Then we divided it all into 27 baggies that we had decorated to look like monsters by cutting out teeth and eyes to decorate and glue on. 


They were decorated by a 5 year old who had a blast. And lots of eyes and teeth fell off by the next morning because I need to find something other than a glue stick for these projects. 

Morgan says it was a big hit other than the fact that I forgot to send napkins. 

Hey, I'm not perfect.