Friday, January 13, 2012

allow me to introduce you to Morgan...

My kid is in she's hilarious, she's emotional, she's dramatic, she's stubborn.  and NO I am not describing myself thank you very much!  She has blond hair (that took forever to grow in), blue eyes, and a booty that she shakes all over the place.  She has a horrible temper.  She can smell weakness in other babies and will steal their toys; if they are not weak, she will grab them by the shirt and shake them like a dog...and then they become BFF's.  She puts her hands on her hips and stomps her feet.  She shakes her finger at your and says 'nuuhhh uhh uhhh!'  She performs the 'donkey dance' when she doesn't get her way.  She sounds like Cinderella's step-sisters when she sings.  If you offer her something to eat that she doesn't like, instead of saying 'no thanks' she runs away saying BLEEEEHHHH!!  She uses 'no thanks' when you tell her it's bath time.  She blames our 2 black kitties for every scratch and bruise she has....'Morgan how did you get that boo boo?'  Morgan: 'kitty cat...mean kitty bite me.'  therefore she has already learned how to lie.  She loves giving me head hugs where she wraps her arms around my head and squeezes my glasses off.  When I yell at her she says 'shhhhh!!!' or says 'awwww' and gives me a hug and a kiss.  She has SO much energy; from the moment her feet hit the ground she is go go go all day long until her late bedtime (no naps) - she wears everybody out.


She's also very funny, she's smart, she does have a sweet side.  She never hurts anybody (on purpose...)  She never breaks her toys or anyone elses.  If we tell her to stop doing something, she asks 'why?' but when we explain, she gets it, and she stops.  She loves animals, she gives them hugs (unless she's in a bad mood, then she yells SHOOOOO and wants them out of her way).  She never runs off from us; she always holds our hands.  She does listen to us....most of the time.  (she suffers from her father's 'selective hearing')  She's very sympathetic if we get hurt or if mommy is having a pregnancy hormone meltdown. 

She drives us crazy, but our lives would be so very boring without her. 

I want to share a few of my favorite pictures of her that really capture her personality...

a couple of days old, all stretched out in the 'fish tank' to fight jaundice.

first Halloween.  of COURSE she went as a skunk!

First's dramatic turning one.

Best. Christmas. Picture. EVER. (her 2nd Christmas)

the face only this mother could love...

Merry Christmas 2011.  sigh.

These are just a few fabulous photos from the life of Morgan Leigh McCumbers. 

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