Friday, January 20, 2012

a few of my favorite things...mommy edition.

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

--a song from one of my favorite childhood movies, The Sound of Music.  this was also a favorite movie to torture my former high school German students with (it worked into my lesson plans...and I got a ton of stuff graded during movie days...score!)

in Mommyland,  these are a few of my favorite things...

Aquaphor - I bathe in this stuff daily.  I constantly wash my hands, I have no dishwasher other than myself (my husband's favorite joke 'I've got a great dishwasher!  my wife!'), and giving the toddler a bath every night, my hands are disgustingly dry.  Aquaphor is amazing.  And whenever Morgan has something funky going on with her skin, I slather on some Aquaphor and it always does the trick.  We both have uber sensitive skin, so we can't use very many products.  This one rocks.

DVR - stands video recording, right?  well, it's my BFF.  I can record Morgan's favorite shows (ones that are mommy approved...Little Einsteins *thumbs up*, Spongebob *thumbs down*).  She is currently watching Octonauts while I type this.  DVR also allows for my husband and I to record all of our favorite shows to watch at our convenience, instead of trying to plan around his work schedule or around bath time.  Speaking of's Friday.  Fridays are Grim, Fringe, and Sanctuary.  Oh and Gold Rush (that's my husband's choice...not mine...kind of like Glee and New Girl on Tuesdays...those are my shows...not his). 

Red Bull - a.k.a. 'crack in a can' or 'sweet nectar of life.'  I even wrote to the company expressing my love of this product; they sent me 4 cans...score!!!  That saved us $8!  At $2 for the smallest can, it's definitely a splurge.  But honestly, how much do some people spend on coffee per day?  Red Bull keeps me going.  It gives me the energy I need to keep up with my own life.  I drink every last drop...seriously, I shake the can into my mouth for that last drop and then lick the top.

Eminence organic skincare - last year for my birthday, my husband surprised me with an amazing spa package at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling.  What an amazing day!  I LOVE the spa.  They used Eminence products and I fell in love.  Obviously these products are expensive, as is everything that makes you feel spoiled, but I find them on eBay for what I have convinced myself is a decent price, and every time I take a shower I feel a little pampered.  So worth the price. 

iPhone - my husband bought me an iPhone for my 30th birthday, before Morgan was born.  At first I felt like I was trying to figure out some sort of remote control to a space station.  I never thought I would get the hang of it.  By the time Morgan was born a few months later, my phone was constantly attached to me.  I might as well have it sewn to my hand.  During 3am feedings, I could check Facebook, check my email, search the internet for 'can I give my infant Benadryl for sleep.'  3 years later I have a new iPhone...this one has video...weee!!  I can post vidoes of the crazy things my kid does for everybody on Facebook to enjoy...because that's what everybody on Facebook looks forward to right?  Videos of a 3 year old screaming at a cat? 

 Philippa Gregory - if you love historical fiction and are obsessed with everything English like me, you will love her books.  Most of her books are about the Tudors (you know, Henry the 8th and his women...).  The first one I read was The Queen's Fool, and I was hooked.  I used to love to read; I was the kid that went to the library and checked out 7 books and read them in one week.  In college, I lost interest in reading for fun because I had so much other stuff to read for my classes.  Thanks to the Harry Potter series, Philippa Gregory books, and Sophie Kinsella books, I rediscovered my love for reading, especially these books.  I reread them often.  I read a little almost every night before I go to sleep; it's pretty much my only 'me time.' 

Restaurant Gift Cards - we rarely go out to eat.  It's hard to rationalize spending that much money on one meal.  However; when we have a gift card, game on!  And by the way, my kid is awesome at restaurants (not to brag or anything...) she screams 'quiet!' at all the rude children that are being loud and she covers her mouth when she burps. 

Yoga pants/leggings - these are basically part of the mommy uniform for all mothers.  Yoga pants with an oversized tie-dye shirt equals all day comfort while chasing a toddler around the house begging her to sit on the potty.  Leggings paired with an XXXXL sweatshirt and boots, you got yourself a 'running errands' outfit that is comfortable!!  Unlike jeans, your butt crack will stay covered while you're wrestling your child into the car seat.

Toms - I love these shoes!!!  Although most of them look like the shoes that grannies buy at the dollar store, they are uber comfortable, and for every pair you buy, they send a pair of shoes to a kid in a 3rd world country!  They aren't cheap though, and they aren't super durable.  But they are fantastic to slip on  with yoru leggings and sweatshirt to go on a Red Bull run.  I own the burlap ones (they are starting to come apart a bit in the back...makes me sad...I'm still waiting to hear back from Toms...I contacted them over a month ago...) and a pair of the basic black ones.  I would love a pair of the sequins and a pair of wedges. 

Bird Feeder - this officially makes us 90 years old, but my husband and I purchased a bird feeder this winter and we've had a blast not only watching the birds and trying to identify them (is that a Titmouse?  *snicker* -okay we went from being 90 to being 9...) but watching our cats watch the birds has been a riot.  The birds are cleaning it out every 3 days, so it's been a bit of an expensive hobby.  I wonder if we can claim them on our taxes...

Cosmo & Redbook - through the Coke points that my husband earns (heck yeah we cash those in!  and Huggies and Disney rewards!) I get these magazines in the mail.  They keep me updated on celebrity gossip and what styles are in season.  You know, the important stuff going on in the world. 

Facebook - it's my social life most of the time.  It's a great way to keep in touch with old and new friends, family members, and spy on my enemies (hahaha I don't have any enemies...)  Sometimes it annoys me; like seriously, a status update in January that proclaims 'it's snowing!' --NO WAY!!  it's snowing?  in JANUARY?!!  or during some big game, the constant play by plays, or the status that says 'oh my gosh, I'm so depressed' and I get really upset and send the person a message asking if they are okay and they laugh at me and answer 'I was just depressed about the quarterback messing up...'  well fine, see if I ever check on YOU again...  but other than that, it's been a great way to keep in touch with friends.  One of my friends just moved to Nepal.  Another lives in NYC.  Yet another just moved to Florida.  I have friends that live in several cool places plus all of my dear friends that live 'back home' that I don't get to see very often; not only do I get to keep in touch with them, but I get to read about the updates in their life plus see whatever pictures they post of their adventures. 

That's all that popped into my mind for this round...stay tuned for whatever favorite things I've forgotten, plus the 'favorite things baby edition'

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