Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a day in the life...

Mommyland is never ever boring.  There's always some drama going on.  I don't have to watch Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of whatever city.  I just have to wake up and live my own life.

Some days are exceptional.

Yesterday for example...

Morgan woke up around 9ish...she slept all night without waking up!  That's always a good start to any day right?  Every morning Morgan makes noises to let me know she's awake.  I get up and make my bed listening to her sing from her room (her singing is horrid by the way, think Cinderella's stepsisters).  We recently converted her bed from a crib to a daybed, but she only gets out of bed on her own at 3am and runs down the hallway in confusion.  When she normally wakes up, she's lazy and waits for somebody to go get her.  Yesterday I flipped her big light on and said 'come on stinky!' because that's what every parent affectionately calls their child right?  She grabs all of her blankies holding them up (I've got her convinced the floor is too dirty for blankies so she holds them over her head) and runs towards the living room.  This is our usual morning routine.  She climbs up on the couch, I change her diaper, and she drinks a sippy while watching Octonauts and I get about and hour of social life through Facebook while eating cookies and taking my diabetic meds.  Well yesterday our morning routine came to an abrupt halt when Morgan stopped in her tracks and starting yelling 'ewwww poooooopie!'  So I made sure to grab my glasses and investigate.  Sure enough, one of our evil cats had thrown up on the carpet (I mean come ON, the kitchen isn't THAT far away, and it would be so much easier to clean the kitchen floor).  I immediately sent my husband an angry text.  He was at work.  These are HIS cats from his bachelor days (one of them is named Shiner, after Shiner Bock, a beer) so of course everything they do is HIS fault.  Just what every pregnant woman wants to do first thing in the morning, clean up cat vomit.  And it was wet.  And had a couple of hair balls in it.  I grabbed the paper towels and carpet cleaner and dry heaved with tears rolling down my cheeks while cleaning up that mess. 

That pretty much sealed the deal that I would be sick for a while.  I spent some time on the couch recovering, watching Ghost Whisperer on DVR while Morgan destroyed her room (she takes a daily 'toy inventory' that requires all toys be pulled from closet, baskets, and toy box onto her floor).

At one point she came running to me, hysterical, holding her neck and rambling about something I couldn't understand.  Morganish is so hard to translate.  She grabbed my hand and pulled me off the couch over to the stairs and kept saying 'my necklace!  down there!'  Ugh, seriously kid, stop throwing stuff down the basement stairs!  Sometimes it disappears forever!  There is a black hole that opens periodically swallowing Little People and we are stuck dealing with the grief of that loss. 

I turned on the light and walked down the stairs, looking for a necklace.  I couldn't find anything.  Fabulous.  Morgan has my memory, she forgets nothing; unlike her father, who forgets everything.  I rounded the bottom of the stairs, still looking, and then noticed one of the cats strutting towards me, away from the 'prison bathroom' (as I have named the basement bathroom where their litter boxes are housed), wearing a hot pink heart necklace.  This cat (Calvin, or as Morgan calls him, 'Happy Kitty,' as opposed to 'Mean Kitty' - Shiner, who scratches her) is usually the one that barfs all over the house, and constantly has a wet nose.  My windows have little nose prints all over them...with a little snail trail of snot under each print.  I tolerate this cat because Morgan rides him like a pony, puts bows and bracelets (and necklaces) on him and he doesn't care, screams at him when she's in a bad mood, pulls his tail and his ears, hugs him so tight that his eyes bulge a bit.  He has never raised a paw to her.  Well apparently she pimped him out and he had to go potty...while wearing his bling.  She was very upset about him running to the basement with her necklace without her permission.

Necklace removed from kitty, returned to kid, drama resolved.


Later that day, in the evening near the time when my husband gets off work, Morgan and I went to the basement to hang out.  We've been trying to clean the basement up a bit to make it a usable space in our home.  It's a nice size.  We have a huge TV down there, along with a broken down couch and recliner (all from Michael's bachelor days).  The wood burning fireplace is also down there, and everything gets covered in a layer of ash as well as the floor getting covered in wood chips.  And there's usually a dried pile of cat barf waiting for Michael to clean up (there's one there today actually...)

We have high hopes of remodeling the basement....after redoing the upstairs bathroom where the plaster wall is crumbling behind the tiles, after replacing the windows that are over 40 years old, after replacing the deck that is moldy and disgusting....yeah the basement is low on the 'to do' list. 

For now we just wear shoes to protect our feet from the nasty thin carpet that is stretched over the cement floor.  Morgan has an easel and other art supplies down there, as well as her tricycle she got for Christmas...

the tricycle.

The next incident of the day involved her new tricycle.  It's a gorgeous little bike, it's actually called a "Morgan" and it is all metal, weighing about 30 pounds.  She pedals around the basement and plays with the light on it.  Yesterday I installed her Barbie horn, because obviously she doesn't have enough noisy toys.  I took a video of her honking her horn so I could send it to Michael at work....and I was able to capture this...

I laughed and laughed....I texted Michael and he immediately texted back 'is she okay?!' 

oh yeah, she just fell hard on her back on a cement floor...oops. 

Her eyes were so round, she was shocked that she fell, but I think my hysterical laughter kept her from crying.  She did require a hug and a little reassurance before returning to the bike.

I then texted the video to my parents, to my brothers, to my sister in laws, to all of my friends, and posted it on Facebook.  I watched it about 800 times and laughed harder each time.  Last night as I was trying to go to sleep I had to smother a giggle because I kept picturing those little princess house slippers flying up in the air.

yep, I'm an awesome mom.

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