Monday, January 30, 2012

H stands for HELL.

So Morgan ended up sick this past weekend...mostly high fever combined with extra crankiness.  I took her to EZ Care yesterday (I LOVE that place, it never takes long) and she has an ear infection.  Are these contagious?  Because if they are, I'm going to give a couple of kids in child care at our gym the stink-eye...especially the one that was listless and sitting on the lap of the lady in charge. 

Another fun fact this weekend - Michael decided to work overtime...night shifts.  He always calls to get my permission, usually something along the lines of 'it's good money and I'd really like to replace the windows in our house, they are 40 years old and in horrible condition and it would help our heating bill stay under control, but I understand if you don't want me to work, I can tell them no....'


So I've been stuck at home at night alone with a sick kid.  We all know that kids are always worse at night.  Yesterday during the day Morgan was running in circles and laughing, even though she still have a fever.  Michael gave me a look like 'sooo you said she was sick all night and you got 4 hours of sleep...' so last night I took video of her throwing a lovely fit on the couch and texted it to him.  She didn't want to be held.  She didn't want me to leave her but kept mule-kicking me if I was too close.  She didn't want her blanket but cried if it wasn't close to her.  She didn't want any clothes on.  She wanted sippy but then didn't want to drink it. 

Have you ever realized that dealing with babies is sometimes like dealing with drunks?

'are you hungry?  are you sleepy?  are you sick?  why are you crying?  what can I do?!!!  talk to me!  I can't understand you....NO DON'T FALL ASLEEP THERE!'

Yeah drunks are as fun as babies.

Anyways, for the past 2 nights Morgan has ended up in our bed, which is fine with me when I'm here alone.  I'm 99.9% sure that all evil things that lurk in the night won't come into a bedroom with 2 people asleep there; only if 1 person is there.

But then Michael comes home from working all night and tries to slip in bed...and our queen size bed should be plenty big enough for 2 & 1/2 people but trying to sleep with a toddler is insane....just check out this chart:

I really hope you can click onto that and it gets bigger for you's perfect.  Every parent can relate.  Morgan personally likes H is for Hell, with her head on Michael and her feet in my back.  And yes, we move her.  As soon as we fall back asleep, she slips back into position. 

This morning when Michael came home from work, I offered to take her to the couch so he could get some rest and he said no...but Morgan decided to catch up on her sleep today and slept until 10:30.  After 3 hours of Morgan's head in his back, Michael got a little cranky (it's not like I enjoy being kicked but since I had been asleep since midnight last night I felt that if I complained I would get the 'death stare' from's scary, I try to avoid it).  We finally got Morgan situated to where she was not jabbing her skull into Michael's back, pushing him to the edge of the bed, or kicking me in the kidneys.  Michael fell asleep enough to actually start snoring...and Morgan put her hands over her ears and cried...HAHAHAHAHA yes I laughed hysterically because I feel her pain.  Later I realized she might have been complaining that her ears were hurting because she has an ear infection, so I asked her...'Morgan do your ears hurt?  Or did daddy snore too loud?'  and she answered 'daddy LOUD!'

bravo kid, I love you.

Anyways...just after 2 doses of antibiotics her fever is already down, she doesn't feel warm enough to cook a pizza on, and she's got that rotten twinkle back in her eye.  We've got 9 more days of doses...and she hates the medication, so wish me luck.  This is only our 3rd antibiotic since she's been born...either she's got a great immune system, or I've ignored a lot of times that she needed an antibiotic...oops.  Every single time she hates the medication.  It's the delicious 'pink medicine' that my brothers and I used to sneak into the fridge and take sips of when we were younger!  But Morgan is weird and only likes grape flavored medications. 

We have all survived another round of illness...*high five*

In other news...

I snapped this shot last night after Morgan cried herself to sleep on my lap at 11:00 --

All of a sudden one of the cats popped out of the curtains onto the train table and looked at me like 'oh, hi; didn't see you there.'  and I wanted to yell 'run wooden train people!  kitty has eyes set to laser mode!'  but obviously I couldn't yell because I had a sleeping sick kid on my lap, and luckily kitty was only after a half eaten stale hotdog bun hidden in the train station.  I posted this picture on Facebook and several people commented that poor Elmo must have been the first victim, but no, don't you dare feel sorry for Elmo, because earlier that evening he was perched on the bridge catching trains and throwing them onto the floor.

After reading my blog I've had several friends and family members tell me I need to get out more...I have NO idea why they feel that way.

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