Monday, July 28, 2014

Lazy couch cleaning

When we bought our first home 4 years ago we were all excited to upgrade our furniture. Our living room set we had in our townhouse apartment consisted of a couch my husband bought off a college professor that had no legs and a broken arm held in place with a 1980s side table wedged up against it, matching 1980s coffee table, and recliner that I swear was found on the side of the road even though Michael insists it came from a yard sale. 

Fancy stuff, if you live in a frat house. 

So when we bought our house and decided to purchase grownup furniture we found a nice sectional, coffee table, and corner tv stand. We trained the cats to stay off of it and swore never to eat on the couch. 

Then one kid turned into two kids and life got crazy and the next thing I knew my nice new couch started getting covered in snot trails, crusted pizza sauce, dried bananas, and some very questionable substances, not to mention the smells that rub off stinky kids and husband who woller all over it. 

I always worry about using cleaners because they can sometimes leave spots and are full of chemicals that make my kids itchy. Plus I don't have time to spray, scrub, and dry. 

I figured out a simple easy cheap way to clean my microfiber couch. 

Baby wipes

That's it. 

First remove all trains, princess dresses, and bottles of vodka. 

Next lightly spray your entire couch and pillows with Fabreeze. Don't soak it because your family is standing in line waiting to jump back on there.  

Then use simple cheap baby wipes to wipe it all down. We use member's mark wipes from Sam's Club. Be sure to scrub hard on those crusty spots. I promise they will come right out! 

Then you're done. 

Couch smells fresh and looks new-ish again. 

If you let your kids run around with Sharpies and scissors then I don't have any advice on how to fix those couch problems. Just drink more vodka.