Monday, August 29, 2016

Organize those drawers!

I'm crazy obsessed about organization. I am getting better as I get older (and more tired). Like I totally don't stack the blocks in the storage bin anymore; I just throw them in. Wild, I know. For me, organization helps me feel like I can somewhat control this chaos called life. It makes my life easier. My mom likes to tell people about my drawers. I've taken photos for you all so you can see the brilliance (and madness) of my methods. Feel free to try this at home!

Morgan will only wear leggings, and I'm addicted to shopping for leggings, so she has a lot of them. In order to see all of her gorgeous legging collection (she's got a nice little section of Lularoe leggings too!) I have her leggings drawer arranged like this:

The old me would have this arranged by color, but like I said, I'm getting better. It really does make life easier when you can open a drawer and see all the pants!

Other drawers:

All of the socks side by side so you can see them all. They used to be organized by color but my kids don't respect my organization skills so whatever.

Folded underwear side by side so she can easily find her favorite pair with donuts on them without having to dig and mess the entire drawer up.

Shorts lined up in drawers for both kids. You open the drawer and see every pair!  

Do my kids mess up my organized drawers? All the time. Do I redo do them?  Yes; it's worth it!