Thursday, February 23, 2017

Moana Beach Dance Party

Morgan is turning 8!  This year we are all about Moana, the newest Disney movie. And dancing. And music. And the beach. 

Soooo Moana Beach Dance Party is the theme. 

We are using the gym at our church. We plan to set up a dance area complete with disco ball (under $20 from Walmart).  Michael built a limbo set because he's amazing. I bought leis in bulk, glow sticks, and beach balls. 

I found fun Moana plates and napkins as well as luau print plates and napkins. 

As for decorations...I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I got creative!  


We had a collection of old shoe boxes I was saving for Jack's preschool; around Valentine's Day they usually ask for shoe boxes but they didn't this year. I was going to throw them away and then I came up with a plan!  

We spray painted them brown. I used some of the lids as bases for the palm trees, and the bottoms to use for tiki faces. 

Palm trees:


I had brown paper leftover from the Sheriff Callie birthday a few years ago. I rolled it up and taped it to make palm tree bottom. For top I cut green paper and used hot glue to attach to brown paper. Bend leaves down into tree form. 



I just folded the paper in half, cut out left shape then cut slits. 

I then used hot glue to attach the tree to the lid of a shoe box. I plan to use them at table centerpieces. 

Tiki Faces:

Brown spray paint from Walmart for about $4. After boxes dry, use colored paper to cut face shapes to hot glue to box. That's it!  It was kind of fun!  


I went through a lot of glue sticks!!

I'm going to place tiki faces in random places as fun decorations. 

Tissue Paper Flowers:

I seriously just freehand cut flower shapes, layered 3 together, stuck a pipe cleaner in the center, folded up over pipe cleaner then stapled along the bottom to hold together. 


I also made a pineapple using a rolled up piece of yellow paper and gluing yellow tissue paper to it but I hated every minute and only made one. 

I had everything in my craft supplies. I just bought spray paint and put a little time (ummm 8 hours?) into it. Morgan loves it all and I'm excited to decorate her party this weekend!  Stay tuned for party photos!