Sunday, February 19, 2012

from princess party to glow in the dark gummy bears

What a weekend.  Fabulous.  Busy.  Awesome.  Exhausting.  Weekend.

Morgan had a wonderful birthday party yesterday.  The theme was Disney Princesses and she ran full force 109mph with a crazy look in her eye and didn't even slow down for cupcakes or presents.  Michael and I really enjoyed seeing all of our friends from 'back home' (where I grew up), and all of their little ones (also running around full force but not really with the crazed enthusiasm of my child).  The first few arrivals to the party were greeted with a 'welcome to my birthday party!' (which had to be translated from Morganish into English) Morgan was thrilled to see everybody and play with all of the little kids.  She wore a Rapunzel dress (and shoes...and necklace...) and was basically a streak of purple racing around the room.  We were catching whiffs of poopy diaper, so parents starting doing the diaper checks and relieved 'not mine!' statements, when my dad called the attention of the room to sing Happy Birthday to Morgan (who started singing 'Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!' before anybody had a chance to start singing).  I picked her up and held her while she listened to her birthday song...when I realized it was MY kid, the birthday girl, that had the toxic smell seeping out of her princess dress.  I gladly passed that job onto Mimi (my mom) who later told me that we caught it just in time; the loaded contents of Morgan's diaper were about to spill out.  THAT would have been an awesome party trick. 

Despite that stinky little incident, it was a wonderful party and a great day.  Morgan attacked her gifts as soon as we unloaded them into my parents' house.  She was thrilled with everything...kept saying 'oh I love it!' and wanted everything opened right then and there to play with.

Thank you to all of our friends for making it a special day. 

And thank you to my mom who took care of the food and decorations!

After being on my feet so much this weekend...decorating, socializing, undecorating...I realized today the return of the cankles (cue horror movie music)

What are cankles?  Fat ankles.  Usually caused during pregnancy.  Or from being overweight.  Or from falling down a flight of concrete stairs and spraining your ankle (not that that's ever happened to me...)  Swollen, puffy, uncomfortable.  I had cankles a few times during my pregnancy with Morgan, and haven't had them since....but they have returned.  One of those weird pregnancy quirks.  Like the inside of my elbows getting red and itchy.  And craving pineapple.

On a random note...I come from a family of airheads, and being home this weekend for the first time in a long time, and it being a really busy weekend, there have been a lot of crazy conversations which I HAVE to share...because I laugh at myself.  A lot.

Stupid Moment #1

My mom is a kindergarten teacher and she loves that Morgan is getting old enough to do more fun things picking up gummy bears with plastic tweezers.  And the gummy bears lit up!  And I was like 'WHOA!!  Those gummy bears light up!  Do they light up when you chew them?'  And mom stared at me like I was Sasquatch asking for a popcicle.  She was like 'uhh?  no...'  And I was like 'But seriously, they light up with the tweezers squeeze them!  Do they light your mouth up when you eat them?'  So then my loving sweet mother burst into laughter and said 'you dummy, it's the TWEEZERS that light up.'  And then, because she's so sweet, she said 'I'm telling Michael' and I was like 'NOOOO don't tell him!  He already things I'm stupid enough!'  So my sweet little mommy yelled for Michael to come into the room so I could explain to him that I thought there was such a thing as glow in the dark gummy bears that light up when you squeeze them (but how awesome would it be if there WERE such a thing?!) and he just shook his head and went back to watching his basketball game on ESPN.  But he makes sure that all of my friends, and his friends, and strangers we meet at the grocery store, know about my gummy bear story. 

Stupid Moment #2

My mom claimed to be in a carb coma after eating pancakes and insisted she needed steak.  So we decided to do Logan's takeout...and mom decided to call my brother Grant to see if he wanted anything (since he was planning to come visit after missing the princess party due to a logging job) so she tried to dial his number and said 'oh DANG IT I just called you' and I was like 'why?' and she said 'because when I pick up the phone and dial the first 3 digits of your phone number, it automatically dials your number' and I was like 'WHOA!  how did you program the phone to do that?' and she said 'No, I mean after I dial the first 3 digits [which are the same as my brother's] my fingers automatically dial your phone number' and I was like 'ohhhhh' and Michael was sitting with his face in his hands because we were making his brain hurt.

Stupid Moment #3

My brother Grant isn't feeling great today because he had a late night with his buddies, so my mom offered him some ice which Grant said 'oh that sounds good...where is the ice cream?' and I was like 'reaaalllyyyy?'  and mom said 'in the oven.'

Stupid Moment #4

My mom is folding laundry and realizes that she accidentally dried one of her good shirts instead of hanging it up to dry so she said 'oh dang it, I can't believe I dried this shirt.  I thought it was the shirt I was wearing; I can dry this one.'  to which I said 'um, you thought the shirt you are wearing is the one you were throwing into the dryer?' and then we both look at Michael who is looking at us like 'how in the world did I end up married into this family?'

And these are just typical conversations that happen among my family members.  Holidays are amazing, when we are all in the same room together and there are several of these conversations going on at the same time. 

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