Thursday, February 16, 2012


It's Thursday and I haven't had a shower since Sunday.  Neither has Michael.  Neither has Morgan.  This whole camping at home thing is really starting to get to me; especially since on top of not having a functioning full bathroom, I'm trying to plan Morgan's birthday party for this Saturday, and pack for a trip to my parents.  We were assured that the bathroom would be finished by Wednesday....Wednesday at 5 they finished putting tile down.  When they left, I asked Michael 'can I take a shower?' to which he laughed and replied 'if you can get from here to the tub without touching a single tile!' to which I had a low-blood-sugar-can't-take-having-my-house-torn-up-anymore meltdown complete with donkey kicks and hissing.  Okay I'm just kidding about the donkey kicks.  I really didn't have the energy for those.  But I did have a meltdown.

It looks lovely so far.  The jade green tiles barely hanging on for dear life on our shower walls are gone forever.  The workers said 'wow tile shouldn't come down this easily!'  ummmm YEAH, it took everything we had to keep the tile up on the wall this long!  The jade green tub has been properly fitted and covered with a bright new white tub liner (the contractor said the cast iron tub was in excellent condition and it would be a shame to replace it with modern flimsy tubs and we agreed).  The shower walls are now a bright white with LOTS of storage shelves and a brand new curved curtain rod waiting for my new shower curtain.  The plaster walls have been primed (and the section near the tub that used to crumble every time you touched it has been fixed) and have been painted a light aqua.  All of the old lighting is gone and has been replaced with 'can' (or 'bucket' as I call it) lighting recessed into the new dry wall ceiling.  The off centered ugly green sink with gold glitter counter top is gone forever and will be replaced with a lovely new white sink with granite counter top (centered and not strangely off to the left like the old sink) atop a new vanity.  The cheap medicine cabinet we purchased when we bought the house 2 years ago served it's purpose and will be replaced with a lovely new mirror.  The heated flooring has been installed as well as the beige tile, after 2 layers of old ugly vinyl were pulled up (some of it with a crow bar...that stuff wasn't getting up without a fight...kind of like me in the morning without Red Bull).  The white crown molding has been nailed up and white trim to match should follow sometime in the near future.  I love all the fresh new colors.  It's very 'spa.'

It's going to be so great.


Okay now that my eye has stopped twitching, I can continue to type.

I'm not angry.  I don't want to sound like a spoiled little princess stomping my feet over my bathroom remodel.  I am so excited and grateful that we were able to save up enough money to be able to do this to our modest home.  But we explained that we only have one shower/tub in the house (excluding the weird shower in the basement prison bathroom that is used to store containers of kitty litter) and that we had to go out of town Thursday; we were told that we would probably be without a shower for an entire day total and that everything should be finished by Wednesday.

We are suckers.

Honestly, our contractor is great.  He's our neighbor and he's such a nice guy.  (you like how I do that?  gripe a little bit and then come back with a bit of positivity?)  It's not his fault.  Monday when the workers didn't even show up until 10 and then left at 3, I knew we were in trouble.  The workers are doing a great job, but I feel like they need to, ya know, FINISH so this mama bear can bathe!

Every night at bedtime, Morgan and I have washed up in the sink in our bedroom bathroom.  Morgan loves it.  It's like camping in our house.  I wipe her down with a washcloth.  I *might* even be guilty of sticking her booty under the faucet.  Then I brush her teeth and comb her hair (which is amazingly cute and still smells good) and then it's bedtime (sometime in the following 2 hours...)

For myself....I seriously considered washing my hair in the kitchen sink.  But then I realized it was full of dirty dishes. 

I could have gone to our gym for a shower.  Or to a friend's house.  But I think I'm on strike.  If I can't shower in my house, then I don't wanna shower at all!!!! 

So this morning we got up at 8 to be dressed and ready for when the workers arrived.  Day 4 of Bathroomapocolype.  Morgan has already greeted the workers with her 'good job boys!' and 'be careful!' whenever they are walking up and down the basement stairs and 'they are fixing the bathroom!' for the 500th time.  Shiner (kitty) has been slinking around checking it all out.  Calvin (kitty) is under my feet, scared (and keeping my left foot warm). 

I'm packed up for our trip to my parent's, ready to take a shower as soon as I arrive.  'Hi mom & dad!  Here's your stinky granddaughter!  Okay I'm gonna go shower, cya later!'

My parents bathroom remodel took TWO DAYS.  sigh.

I'll post pictures of our before & after & after bathroom.  The 'before' being how the bathroom looked when we bought the house - it screamed 1969 with a few updates in 2001.  Wallpaper worthy of a Chinese restaurant restroom; reflective foil with some scene all over that I can't remember now.  HUGE unframed mirror over the sink.  Outdated scary lighting.  We took down the mirror.  Two of my friends drove up for the weekend to help us and they had the honor of pulling down that wallpaper.  We painted it Taupe 4, put up a small medicine cabinet and some brushed nickle towel racks (which we are reusing in this remodel), and Michael installed new lighting (as he did all through the house...I was impressed).  The toilet had been replaced about 10 years prior to us purchasing the house, so it was newer...but it was a handicap toilet which means it was really tall.  I'm almost 5'9" so I kind of liked it.  Michael is 2 inches shorter than me and he hated it.  So we are replacing the tall potty with a new potty (the one that has buttons - push 1 for liquids, 2 for solids....hahahahahaha).  The jade green tile and tub, the ugly green sink with glitter counter, the ugly cream vanity....ALL GONE NOW!!!  The original lovely vinyl flooring had been covered with newer lovely vinyl....ALL GONE NOW!!! 

....and now I'm back from a little break I had to take from my computer to clean pee from my couch (leaky diaper) and to dry the cat off twice....  as I was typing, I noticed a cat face peeking in through our sliding glass door and said " that OUR cat?!"  yep.  Shiner had managed to escape out of our basement door...through the open garage door...and ended up on our deck looking back in the house like 'heeeyyy!!  look at meeee!  I'm freeee!'  but he was also all poofed out like a cartoon Halloween cat because A)  he's not used to being outside, and B)  he's not used to being outside in the rain.  We got him back in the house and dried off....and 10 minutes later he was outside.  And just as Michael notices that he's missing again, Morgan starts saying 'ewwww...peepee....'


I finished cleaning the couch just in time to dry off the cat. 

And now the workers are putting up trim in the bathroom in our bedroom (one thing Michael never got around to...we don't really have the equipment for that) and I need to go make sure there are no bras or dirty diapers for them to step on....

Next back to 'normal' PLEASE.  Or invent a vodka that pregnant women can drink.

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