Sunday, March 25, 2012

skeeter buffet

I have a lot of allergies.  Mosquito bites being one of them.  And they LOVE, I mean totally ADORE my blood.  I need to see if there is some sort of research proving that skeeters prefer type B blood, because I think 'B' stands for buffet.

We've been trying to enjoy this unusual tropical summery weather for March in Ohio.  I swear the other day it was hotter than any day I've ever experienced here in the summer.  I was so hot it was tempting to chunky dunk in the mud puddles on our street. 

My mom came to visit during her spring break (awesome!) and one evening we met up with some of my friends for a play date at a local park.  Morgan had a blast.  And I was so proud of her...out of 4 kids she came home the cleanest.  She was even wearing white shorts.  That's my girl.

During our time at the park, I was a skeeter buffet.  I am not even kidding when I say I had about ten bites on each leg below the knee.  On the drive home, Morgan was crying because she didn't want the fun to be over, and I was driving with one hand, scratching with the other, and giving my mom the stink eye for laughing at my bites.  Skeeter bites on mom = zero.  Skeeter bites on Morgan = zero.  Seriously, what gives?!

Once we were home, I took a long hot shower and used half a tube of Benadryl cream and half a tube of hydrocortisone on my bites.  I had to reapply every 2 hours during the night as well.  The next day, the bites were huge and red and swollen; I looked like I was suffering from some Biblical disease (I seriously need to make sure I'm covered in skeeter bites next time I go to an amusement park...maybe the sea of people will part and I can go to the front of the line)

Oh and I have pregnancy cankles from being on my feet a lot lately.  And from eating pinto beans every day.  mmmmmm

I have tried everything, from medication to home remedies....Benadryl cream, hydrocortisone, Eucerine calming cream with oatmeal, Calamine lotion, baking soda paste, cat spit.  Nothing gives comfort for longer than an hour.  And I don't scratch!!!  But ohhhhh how good it feels.  Now I understand how an itchy dog feels.  It's so tempting to just roll around in the floor digging at my legs.  But my mom has put the fear of impetigo in me since childhood.  "if you scratch those bites they will get infected and you'll end up with impetigo and have to get your leg cut off."

Hey, I understand her method of parenting.  The fear factor works.

After the redness and swelling and misery set in, Michael and my mom felt sorry for me.  Michael even stopped at Kroger on our way to see the Hunger Games (fantastic movie by the way!) so I could get Calamine lotion.  I applied liberally on the way there and was complimented with 'you smell like an old lady.'

Awesome...cankles, pregnancy belly, bug bites, and old lady stench.  It doesn't get much more romantic than that.

So apparently I'm going to have to stay indoors until after Deuce is born and I can drown myself in Off to keep the bugs away. 

And now I'm off to apply another layer of medication.

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