Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What's inside your purse, mommy?

A while back as I was digging through my purse, or 'mom bag' as I affectionately call the giant tote I lovingly drag around filled with everything from band aids to water bottles, I uncovered rocks, a pair of Mario underpants (not necessarily mine and hopefully clean), and a half eaten peanut butter cracker. As I do with everything, I posted about it on Facebook, where other moms shared the random crazy things they have found in their handbags over the years. I then asked moms if I could share their findings on my blog, so here we go:

Allison:  Hot Wheels, socks
Amber:  house phone
Amy:  potato
Heather:  a suppository
Amber:  a wet diaper
Merritt:  hard boiled egg
Angie:  fork
Beth:  half an Italian sub
Chelsea:  dirty Buzz Lightyear underwear
Wendy:  wooden spoon
Melissa:  athletic cup
Holly:  busted packets of Polynesian sauce
Stacey:  crumpled up Taco Bell napkin with chewed gum inside
Katie:  aluminum foil
Jessica:  house phone, remote control, sock, screwdriver, half eaten Poptart
Sarah:  My Little Ponies, half eaten orange, batteries
Amanda:  Louisville slugger nubs
Holly:  GI Joe named 'Ripper'
Jannell:  fork, house phone
Randa:  Doc McStuffins stethoscope
Jamie:  lava rocks, vending machine plastic ducks
Kellie:  3 week old banana
Whitney:  used bandage
Jennifer:  corn cob pipe, rocks, acorns, leaves
Jessi:  toy wrench
Aimee:  baseball athletic cups
Kathleen:  tape measure, cold pack, Ace Bandage
Pam:  unused doggy poop bag

It's amazing the items that find their way into our bags!

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