Friday, June 15, 2012

toddlers are not human.

I'm taking a break from an adrenaline rush induced cleaning spree (thanks to a call from the doctor earlier today, separate blog to come) and distracting myself with a little blog writing.

Last night before 'lights out,' Michael and I were talking about Morgan.

Me:  how is it possible for her to run in circles for 4 hours at the pool in the heat and not be worn out?
Michael:  she's not human.  she's a toddler.
Me:  this is true.  toddlers have superhuman powers. 

Michael is onto something here.  Toddlers fall into a different category and join homo sapiens perhaps by the age of 5?  Or is it just MY toddler? 

I watched her at the pool.  She played in the baby pool, then ran over to the 'splash zone' area where she would run circles through all of the spraying water, then back to the baby pool, then splash zone, then pool, the splash zone...

you get the picture.

Lucky for me, it was not busy at all and I could sit in a chair and watch (and get sunburned).  After 4 hours I had to drag her away.  She cried most of the way home because she didn't want to leave the pool.  Wouldn't most 3 year olds be exhausted after 4 hours in the sun at the pool?  Not mine.  She came home and dragged every toy she owns into the living room while I worked on dinner.  She was awake until about 10:00 after an hour of fussing and being down right bratty (because she was tired but couldn't wind down).

It's like watching a windup toy....she goes and goes....and then gets slower....and slower....then stops.  The only time she's not moving is when she's asleep. 

Superhuman power of extreme energy.  Can't they sell that in pill form?

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