Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fat Boy!

Five hours at the doctor today.  Five hours!!!

Ultrasound at 9, appointment with doctor at 9:45.  Of course even though it was early in the morning, they were already running behind.  I'm glad I dragged myself out of bed to get there on time, and I was really queasy this morning and had to sip Gaterade on the way there.  While I was waiting I saw both the ultrasound tech and doctor arrive so I knew it was going to be a long morning. 

Oh well. 

Thank goodness my mom happened to be visiting and kept Morgan while I went to the doctor. 

Ultrasound tech squirted the goop on my stomach and started to work her magic and immediately said 'oh wow, he's big!'

What?  I don't have big babies.  That's not mine. 

At 35 weeks pregnant he's already weighing 8lb 5oz!!!

Uhhhh....I'm supposed to last another 4 weeks before the c-section.  So he might be 11 pounds?

Morgan was 6lb 13oz and 19 inches long when she was born.  She wore preemie clothes the first week, then wore newborn clothes for 5 weeks.  Jack is going to be wearing 3 month clothes at birth and size 1 diapers....maybe he'll be big enough to go on to preschool too.

And I thought he was breech like Morgan and I kept rubbing his head, under my left ribs, same position as Morgan.

Turns out that's his big butt.


The doctor told me to try to rest and keep my feet up so I don't go into early labor.  Apparently a fatty baby takes up so much room that my body might try to get rid of it early. 

Rest and keep my feet the 7 hour shopping trip with my mom and Morgan yesterday wasn't a good idea?  Of course it was.  We found Babies R Us, Burlington Baby Depot, and Trader Joe's!  I bought this awesome body pillow called a Snoogle that takes up half of the bed.  Michael has about 5 inches of space to snooze in.  But I can't help it that his son is a fatty and takes up so much room!

So then they wanted to do a nonstress test.  I'm surprised they haven't scheduled any sooner.  I'm diabetic and they usually want to do nonstress tests once a week starting around 32 weeks.  I had to do them when I was pregnant with Morgan.  They put straps around my stomach and hook me up to a monitor to keep track of the baby's heartbeat for 20 minutes and I have to push a button every time the baby moves.  I get to lounge in a recliner and watch tv and play on my phone and listen to the heartbeat.  After the 20 minutes, the nurse looked concerned and came back with orange juice telling me to drink it.  She said the baby wasn't moving enough.  Then the doctor came in and told me to go eat and come back to do it again. 

What?!  It was after 12, I had been there since 9.  I had a babysitter and I'm spending my precious kid-free time stuck at the doctor?!  Yuck.

So I went to get some lunch, and a big iced tea, hoping the caffeine would help.  Then I drove back and waited to be hooked back up.  Everything was fine.  Fat boy was just hungry.  Finally at 2 I was finished and could go home.

At least I got a free glass of orange juice out of all that...

So my son is going to be huge.  Maybe he will be fat and happy and will be an easier baby than Morgan was.

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