Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Awesome is awesome.

I had a mommy friend highly recommend a product called Awesome. You buy it from Family Dollar for a buck and it can be used to clean everything from your toilet to stains on your kiddos clothing. 

Awesome is indeed awesome. 

That 3.5 year old paint stain on the carpet in my dining room? Almost gone!!! 

The carnival pizza that stained Morgan's shirt and then sent her to the bathroom for half hour...not even shout worked on it. Awesome took care of it. 

I literally run around cackling like a happy witch while I look for stains on my carpet to spray and scrub. 

And it smells so clean. It doesn't smell all chemically. It smells good. 

However I do have to warn you that while I clean my bathroom, my eyes water and my nose burns. 

So this stuff is probably slowly eating my skin and lungs. 

But for now...

Makes me feel

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