Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Morgan is a nut, but lately she's been saying some of the craziest things that are too good to not share. 

On a daily basis she tells me I need to settle down.  Especially this morning when I was doing a Jesco White jig to Jingle Bells at 8:30am.  She stood with her hands on her hips and said in a firm voice, 'Mom, you need to settle down.' 

My mom bought her a little purple Christmas tree for her bedroom and the cats are fascinated by it.  They keep pawing at the ornaments.  Last night she was hysterical when she thought one of the cats ate one of the ornaments and kept screaming 'you have to burp him to bring it back up!' until we found the ornament had just been knocked under her bed.

Every single day she begs me to go shopping.  When I tell her we don't have any money she says 'that's okay, you have credit cards.'

Today while trying to do some online Christmas shopping, I hear 'look mommy I have a tail!' and she runs in with her pants down and a 'tail' of toilet paper tucked between her butt cheeks. 

After her gymnastics class this evening I told her she had to wash her hands to get the germs off and she replied 'no thanks, I want to keep my germs, they are my friends.'

Which reminds me...last week she picked a booger that she called her best friend.

I mean seriously, is there a full moon?

I'm totally keeping a list of these things to pass out to any guy she might drag home when she's a teenager. 

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