Tuesday, October 2, 2012

tub of grease

I'm a sucker for home health remedies.  I'm trying to clean up my diet by not eating foods with lots of fake stuff in them (but baked Doritos are SO TASTY), trying to watch my sugar intake (oh my gosh these little pumpkin scones I got at Kroger today are amazing...), and trying to just eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies (and by the way made some veggie dip using plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and it wasn't too bad, thank you Pinterest).  I'm 33 year old and I'm borderline diabetic.  I want to be healthy on the inside and outside.  I want to set a good example for my kids.  I don't understand the rationale of 'my kid can eat all this junk because she/he has enough energy to just run off all those calories' ...sure, that might be true.  But your kid is going to slow down sometime, yet keep the same eating habits.  Then you're going to have a fat teenager hiding in his/her bedroom listening to Owl City crying into a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos because he/she can't fit into clothes at Hollister like the cool kids.

But I digress...

A few blogs ago I wrote about the homemade oatmeal mask mess.  Well lately my obsession has been coconut oil.  Once again you can thank Pinterest.  Sometimes I wonder if some random dude is sitting in his basement snorting over some of these posts that have gone viral, laughing to himself because thousands of woman are ravaging the cooking aisle looking for virgin unrefined coconut oil to lather on in the shower.

I don't blame him, it would be pretty darn funny.

A few weeks ago I bought some coconut oil.  A big tub of the stuff.  I got in the shower and felt a little weird about having a container of something I found next to Crisco, ready to crack it open and slather on my skin.  I rubbed in on my arms and legs and it was just WEIRD.  So greasy.  And it doesn't really wash off.  When I got out I was sticking to myself and felt greased up and ready to be served on rice.  And the best part is that Michael took a shower after me and accused me of trying to kill him because the tub was so slick. 

Pfffft like I would kill him.  His life insurance isn't THAT great yet.

So I asked some of my health nut friends what I did wrong?  They all asked 'did you buy organic unrefined coconut oil?'

uhhhh...noooo....a small jar was $9.99 for the organic unrefined and the big tub of refined was 5 bucks.  The ingredients were the same... I thought it would be fine.  Not so much.

So today while Michael was at work and wasn't there to judge me for buying more coconut oil, I dragged my kids to Kroger and bought organic unrefined coconut oil from the healthy market section.  When I got home I opened it up and smelled it...it smells like a freshly cracked coconut (and can be used in pineapple upset down cakes according to the label).  In the shower I rubbed it on my arms and legs and there was no greasy fast food french fry feeling.  It absorbed into my skin and left a nice light coconut smell (there's a slight possibility I might gnaw on my own arm while asleep, I smell that good). 

I found a use for the tub o' oil.  I love to make my own body scrubs, and I was due to make a new batch, so I mixed together sea salt, olive oil, peppermint essential oil, and the coconut grease oil for a foot/leg scrub and it's AWESOME!

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